Resume of Mark Kinsler

512 E Mulberry St Lancaster, OH 43130



Ph.D. (EE) Mississippi State U 1995 (high voltage)

M.S.E.E. U of Pittsburgh, 1988 (communications)

B.S.E.E. U of New Haven, 1980 (power systems, digital design)


Technology interpreter since forever

Instructor or professor in science or engineering at various schools in and near Columbus, Ohio

Power systems editor, CRC Dictionary of Electrical Engineering

1996: instructor, Penn State U--McKeesport campus

1995: technician, Ohio U chemistry department

1994: visiting assistant professor, industrial technology, Ohio U.

1991-1994: graduate research assistant, Mississippi State U.

1989-1991: assistant professor, U of Southern Mississippi

1986-1989: assistant professor, Point Park College

1987-1988: visiting lecturer, U of Pittsburgh

1985-1986: instructor, Gateway Technical Institute (Pittsburgh)

1984-1985: instructor, Norwalk State Technical College,

1981: distribution engineer, Northeast Utilities, Norwalk, CT.

1969-1989: self-employed audio technician

1971: transmitter engineer, WTSO radio, Madison WI

LICENSING: Certified Electronic Technician, FCC First Class


"Van der Pauuw Contacts Used to Measure Resistivity in Composites", with L. V. Hmurcik, Bulletin of American Physical Society, Vol. 31, No. 6 (1986), p. 1116.

"Determination of Metal Fiber Orientation in Plastic-Metal Composites by Van der Pauuw's Technique", with L.V. Hmurcik, Bulletin of American Physical Society, Vol. 32, No. 3 (1987) p. 639.

"Van der Pauuw Measurement of Metal Fibre Orientation in a Plastic-Metal Composite", with L.V. Hmurcik and J. Patton, Journal of Materials Science, Vol. 23 (1988), pp. 1425-1430.

"Van Der Pauuw Measurements of Resistivity in Plastic/Metal Composites", with L. V. Hmurcik, Journal of Composite Materials, Vol. 22, No. 4, (April, 1988), pp. 360-371.

"The 1938 Los Angeles Clock Changeover Project," IEEE Power Engineering Review, June 1997

"A Damage Mechanism: Lightning-Initiated Fault-Current Arcs" IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol 35, No. 1, Jan/Feb 1999.

"The Y1936 Problem" Winter, 2000, American Heritage of Invention and Technology

"Environmental Science: Food, Water, Energy" text/notes for Ohio Dominican University, 2002

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