Who is this?

Mark R. Kinsler
512 E. Mulberry St.
Lancaster, Ohio USA 43130
(740) 687-6368

My scholarly work is in high voltage, lightning, and the history of technology. I have a PhD in electrical engineering from Mississippi State University, home of one of the world's largest high voltage laboratories. My dissertation research explored how lightning can interact with overhead electric power lines to blow holes in buried pipes and cables.

Right now, my interest is in the improvement of science and technology education. This does not mean computers. I'm at the early stages of establishing a program to teach the way the world works to elementary school teachers, who will then be in a position to teach it to their students. It's too late to introduce electrical engineering students in college to topics like how electricity gets to your house and what makes a telephone work. I'm not exaggerating: they don't know.

The program was initially aimed at science teachers in primary grades, but the ultimate aim is to educate the general public.

Objectives of the program:

There's been some progress along these lines: I've been working on a curriculum for general-science programs in public schools. A long explanation and justification is shown after the bibliography section.

The program will accomplish these objectives by: